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Homefinder UK

Welcome to Homefinder UK

Thank you for completing our pre-registration form and confirming your eligibility.  

Please proceed with registering for our national housing mobility scheme by clicking on ‘start here’ below. 

Completing the application

Please be prepared to complete the form in one go where you can.

You can save the form by clicking “Finish Later” and complete it later on if you wish to do so. However, the form must be completed within 14 days otherwise you will need to start a new application. If the form is inactive for more than 20 minutes, the form will not save your answers and you may need to start a new form. 

We strongly recommend you have the following information to hand BEFORE you start your application:

  1. All household details including date of birth and NI number (for anyone over the age of 16)
  2. Details of any support worker and / or someone who you would like to deal with your application on your behalf.
  3. Address details for the main and joint applicant (if applicable) – including dates moved in, date left and the full postcode 

To continue to the registration form please click on 'Start Here' below.


If you have partially completed the form or want to submit a change of circumstances and have a household ID please click on 'Log in' button to proceed.

You can also upload your ID and proof of address and benefits to your customer portal once you have completed your form here. 


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