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Homefinder UK

Please note that you will need to complete as many questions as possible in order for us to offer you the widest range of appropriate properties. It is especially important that you are able to provide the details of all household members that may be moving with you and you are honest with your requirements. The information you provide will be verified by your landlord before you are accepted onto the scheme.

If you have an email address please provide this where requested as your log in details and password will be emailed out once your landlord has approved your registration.

Important Notice

The information you put on the Homefinder UK application form (called “personal data” according to the GDPR) will be put on the Homefinder UK database and will be processed for the purpose of helping you move. Homefinder UK may disclose your data to any person or organisation in accordance with the GDPR. This may include disclosing data to a prospective landlord or borough, or to both. Homefinder UK may also use your data for its own market research purposes (but not for direct marketing). We strongly recommend you to read the full terms of our Privacy Policy, which explains further how we collect, use, store and protect your data.

By clicking NEXT, you agree with this statement about the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and give permission for your information to be used in the way described.
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